Our vision, ‘Zero Harm – Safe for Life’, aims to provide our employees with a safe environment, the necessary safety knowledge and the appropriate level of critical safety skills to allow them to make safety integral to every decision, process and action. We want our employees to be free from harm at work and at home.

While our strategy is led from the top, every employee, contractor and visitor to our sites is responsible for operating consistently with a ‘Zero Harm – Safe for Life’ attitude. We are committed to fostering safe attitudes and behaviours.


GrainCorp’s safety strategy of continuous improvement is focused on delivering sustainable and measurable advancements in plant and equipment, developing robust OH&S management systems and promoting the right safety behaviours at every level of the organisation.


We have set ourselves ambitious safety targets over the next three years.

This requires every individual in the organisation to take an active role in safety, ensuring that it is embedded to a level that no task is undertaken without a "Risk assessment".

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continuous safety

Safety is our number one value.

We are committed to achieving significant safety improvements over the next three years and beyond. The Health and Safety Framework includes our vision, the governance structure, the OH&S Management System and safety KPIs for every employee.

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To monitor safety performance, we measure both lead and lag indicators.

We conduct toolbox talks at every site, safety behavioural observations, broad brush risk assessments and mini-risk assessments. These risk assessment tools provide critical OH&S lead indicator information.

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