Community and Sponsorship

As GrainCorp expands internationally and diversifies its business, its history and heart remains in the rural and regional communities in which it operates. GrainCorp recognises that it is more than a company or an employer in these areas – rather it is a member of these communities.

As well as providing financial support for specific projects, GrainCorp encourages its employees to be actively involved in their communities. Our employees support their communities in non-financial ways such as lending equipment and volunteering their time and knowledge, particularly in times of natural disasters. GrainCorp also provides sponsorship for regional sporting groups in Australia and at local community events.

Supporting our Communities

GrainCorp's commitment is underpinned by its desire to play an active and meaningful role in improving local community wellbeing.

We build on a rich history of community support and continue to fund local initiatives around the world as well as support our communities with skilled volunteering

Our funding and support focus on:

  • promoting safety, particularly the importance of family safety on rural properties
  • strengthening local infrastructure
  • enhancing local community connectedness
  • mobilising resources to better safeguard and rebuild communities in the face of natural disasters.


Our strategy is delivered through a multi-resourced approach:


Through our Community Fund

GrainCorp provides grants to local community organisations that are undertaking projects aligned with our key areas of focus. These grants are evaluated with local, regional and country managers and their teams – the people who best understand community needs and conditions.

We also have dedicated funding for large programs around farm family safety.

For further information on the Community Fund click here

Providing in-kind support

GrainCorp provides in-kind support to communities in times of crisis and non-crisis. Recent examples can be found here

Offering Sponsorships

GrainCorp proudly sponsors sport in rural and regional Australia including the Queensland Country Rugby Union, the NSW Country Rugby Union, Netball NSW and Victorian Country Football League.

Many of our local businesses and regions offer sponsorships that encourage kids to embrace an active lifestyle. These sponsorships include fun runs, horse and camel races, art and music festivals and local shows. For more information, click here.

Creating the opportunity for skilled volunteering

GrainCorp constantly creates opportunities for employees to offer their skills in support for the not-for-profit organisations they are passionate about. These partnerships create tangible outcomes for partner organisations and allow employees to develop personally as well as engage with the community. This creates shared value in the partnership.

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